State of the Blog/Legacy: 4/14/15

Hi guys! I know the last time I’ve posted here it was before Christmas, and the news wasn’t good. I’m afraid that the news isn’t much better. I lost the most recent stuff that I wrote down. Basically everything after the last chapter is lost. I could attempt to rewrite it, but since it has been well over a year, I wouldn’t know where to start. So I thought of moving them to a new town to accommodate for my lower-end laptop that I was using for Simming at the time, which I did.

Turns out, I didn’t even need to do that. My almost-husband got a new gaming rig, so he gave me his desktop. This essentially means that I could play in EA worlds again, but since I’m so used to the smaller worlds, I’ve decided to permanently move all (barring Izzy and Ventri, although I do have access to them) to Aluna Island, which btw, is so fucking gorgeous!

Now for the direction of the legacy. I’m completely going a different direction with this story. I am going to keep the “flashback” idea that I had last year, but it will be told in 3 different points of view: Lombardo’s, Jericho’s, and, due to a pretty cute twist in the save, Marley’s when she’s a little older (small spoiler there). So essentially, the 2nd gen heir/spare have been chosen thus far.

I have to write this out to make sure I can do this without it getting confusing, but since the screenshots have been taken, it’s just the execution that needs working. So yes, this is still a thing. I won’t give up on this little family.

Speaking of legacies, I did start a berry legacy a few months ago. It’s in a more lax format on my Simblr. If you want to read it, go here.

Thanks for your time! <3

State of the Blog/Legacy- 12/19/14

Happy holidays to everyone!

Bad news. So I’ve been searching for the rest of the story that I wrote (up until Lombardo went away to college), and I’ve looked in Drive, where I found an older copy, but it’s missing several chapters. I know exactly where it is. However, I can’t access it since my external hard drive’s cord died on me. It’s been on my to do list to get a new one, but other stuff has taken up my cash. So unless I get donations, I won’t be able to replace the cord for a while.

With that being said, I have played with the Tickians in their new habitat, and now that I’m pretty much forced to rewrite it anyways, I’ll be doing a revamp–Lombardo and the rest of them several years later. I do still have the screenshots as far as I know (I should anyways), it’ll be a few flashback chapters for the time being. I’m going to ATTEMPT to start this legacy back up after the new year.

I’m not sure how many even know this exists, but if you do, and you’re still trying to keep up with me, thank you.

State of the Blog/Legacy 9.7.14

So wow, yeah. What the hell happened?

Life. Life happened. I got a new laptop for my birthday and while not monstrous, it does run Sims 3 fine provided I don’t drown it with CC. Downside is that EA worlds take forever to load on it, so I’ve been playing in smaller custom worlds. With that being said, due to this, I’ve had to put this story on hold, and didn’t think I’d be able to redo it.

But last night I thought of something. Why not move a copy of the Tickians (or at least most of them) to a smaller town and work from there? So I found a backup from earlier this year (which I thought was the last backup I made, but it wasn’t, and I lost some of the gameplay. It wasn’t too far off, so I could always pick up were I left off.

Speaking of, I’ve decided to revamp the legacy. Lombardo is now an adult in my game, and I’m debating on aging him down to young adult again, but he’s not that far into his adult stage anyway. I have all the other spares (barring Ventri, even though I still have access to her), but I’m putting everyone else in their own house and lettting Lombardo and his own family live alone. As to not lag out the save any more than it would be.

I was thinking that I can literally just stop my story here and pick up where we left off there, OR continue it up to where I have it written, then skip a few years since I do have pictures of Lombardo’s fun times in college. (I do say that very sarcastically).

Whatever the case may be, just know that I am going to keep them around.

<3 Nama

Gen 0.5: Tickian’s Law


…It’s kinda like Murphy’s Law, except when something goes wrong, it’s a hundred times worse.

Ronnie started writing his second novel. It’s a direct sequel to “Dancing with Aliens” called “Swimming with Aliens”. The main character from the first novel gets abducted again, but things doesn’t seem right this time. That is according to Ronnie. His imagination is very vivid. Still not sure where he gets it from, but the royalties he gets from “Dancing with Aliens” means that it’s good enough.


Shane grew up into a toddler…with werewolf fangs. He is the first werewolf born since Ven, so it was a shock to see this. The first thing he did when he grew up: claw on Mom’s nightstand, effectively making it useless. But then another shocker came along—Mom was pregnant again. She gave up on just about everything, and her insanity level is through the roof. I found her trying to burn Dad with her wand. It kinda looked cool to be honest, but I think Dad’s fur got a bit singed and he didn’t like that all too much.

Spring was coming, and Mom was getting bigger. She stayed home while the rest of us went to the winter festival. I played a few games, tried out snowboarding, and chatted up a few…much older women. Fuck me and my luck with that. I stayed out a little later than I wanted to, but when I did get home, I couldn’t think of anything but sleep. And sleep I did. Until…


“LOMBARDO!” Mom bellowed while she was at the computer. “LOMBARDO! WAKE UP! CALL YOUR FATHER!!”


“Oh what the hell?! Mom! It’s 3am! Can you have this baby in a few hours when I’m actually AWAKE?!”


Mom was usually calm during labor. But with this pregnancy, she wasn’t doing nearly as well. It is possibly because she was getting older, and this baby did not want to wait—they wanted out, and they wanted out now. At 3am nonetheless. They made it to the hospital just in time, and Mom gave birth to yet another boy. She named him Shadow. Not sure why. But it also appears that Shadow did something to Mom’s insides and now she can’t have anymore children. I know she wanted another girl, but no such luck. But on the flip side, the Tickian name will live on, right?

Gen 0.5: Never Can Say Goodbye



My birthday came and I was officially a focus-less young adult. Gee, this sucks. I decided to cut off my hair to at least look like I was doing something with my life. After all, no girl dates a scumbag. In any event, with graduation ceremony coming up (don’t ask why they have the ceremony this late), and being that it was a few months since I’ve seen all my classmates, I felt like a failure. A failure to them, a failure to Dad, and most importantly, a failure to Ven.

I guess Ven noticed me being down, so she decided to surprise me with a present.

“I hope you like it, brother. It’s really cool; I thought it suited you.”


I opened up the box and there was lettuce in it. Not a head of lettuce. Literally one leaf. And it even looked like it was about to rot.

“Uh…thanks, Ven…” Everyone else came in the bathroom and started giggling. I suppose it’s the thought that counts.

“You’re very welcome!” Then it happened.

“Brother…I’ve decided that I’m moving out tonight.”

“What?! But you just got here!”

“I know, but with Mom having another baby, I don’t know if there will be enough space. I mean, it’s a good thing that Nicolai and Barcelle are heavy sleepers, so they can probably stick the new baby in with them, but…it’s getting crowded here. And soon, even you will have to leave the nest.”

She brought up a valid point. Whether I want to or not, I will have to leave too. All the birds must leave the nest eventually, right? The mere thought brings tears to my eyes. Shortly after, Ven bid her goodbyes and left home for the last time.


A few weeks later, Mom gave birth to my 4th brother, Shane. He looked normal enough, but he was only a baby, so who knows? All of us after Ven were born “normal” so I wasn’t expecting anything different. But it was time for me to think about my future in this home. I want kids and a wife to love and even a career that pays well. But dating, as good-looking as I am, was never a strong point of mine either. I either attracted the too old…


…or crazy. A woman in her bathing suit in the middle of winter? CAN’T BE UNSEEN. So not only am I being haunted with “when I grow up” issues, I can’t find one fucking woman that is just right. The crappy part about that is…well, when you’re horny and sharing a room with your brother…whose bed is over the computer…see where I’m going with this? Something’s gotta give.